Why Do You Need Accident Insurance?

An injury may have a bigger financial impact than you’re expecting. The average individual health insurance deductible is over $4,000. Once you add in copayments, coinsurance, and all of the other nonmedical expenses— like damaged gear, travel changes, and lost wages— your personal cost of a wreck may leave you in a frustrating position. With protection from Buddy, you can worry less about the cost of an accident and focus on the paddle ahead.

  • Deductibles have risen 63% year over year.
  • Co-insurance requires you to pay a percentage after you've paid your deductible.
  • Buddy is the only accident insurance you can buy by the day.
  • We pay you directly, and you can use the money how you see fit.

How Buddy Works

Buddy’s policy primarily pays you fixed benefits based on the care you receive after a covered accident (the only exceptions are our ambulance benefits). Fixed benefits mean that regardless of the actual cost of care, we will pay you a set amount for certain events, like a trip to the emergency room. Because the money is paid to you, you can use your benefit towards the amount you owed out-of-pocket for treatment, towards other bills, or towards repairing your gear if it was damaged.

What benefits could you be eligible for if you take a spill?

Emergency Room Visit: $1,000

Overnight Hospital Stays: $1,000 per night up to 10 nights

Ground Ambulance Coverage: Up to $250

Air Ambulance Coverage up to $5,000

Additional Benefits for Severe Injuries: up to $10,000

Paralysis, Traumatic Brain Injury, Death and Dismemberment Benefits: up to $50,000

Photo by Royal Ann Miller on Unsplash


Q. Am I only covered in the state where I reside and purchase my policy?

No. With Buddy, you’ll be covered no matter where you go. While you must purchase coverage based on the state where you reside, you can rest assured knowing you’ll be protected whether you’re riding the trails across town, or heading out of the country for the adventure of a lifetime.

Q. Am I only covered while paddling?

No. Our policy provides 24/7 coverage for all activities not excluded by the policy while it is active. You can read more about exclusions

Q. Is there a deductible?

No. Our benefits are first dollar benefits, which means we pay you the amount listed in our table of benefits when certain events occur, like an overnight hospital stay.